Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hi Everyone

What I am working on.

Hi all and welcome to my first post!

Please bear with me as I am a blog virgin...and I am sure it won't be all that snazzy to start off with.
Why am I starting to blog now? 
Well, I have recently had surgery on my right wrist and have been at home for 4 weeks and become very well acquainted with my laptop. Blogdom here I come!

I have just been able to get back to my sewing machine and whilst sewing/cutting/pinning is extremely slow, I am very happy to be able to get back to my machine.

I am currently making Vogue 8742

and I must say, not only does it suit my figure, it is easy to sew and I am gettting that happy excited feeling I'm going to have a good result...

Once I figure out how to post pic's taken from my phone I shall post up my fabric choice and finished result. Hopefully tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and remember, not all things in excess are neccessarily bad for you :P Fabric addicts unite!

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